Good Work


For a rail company, we would go the distance to make sure the project stayed on the right track.

Most job shops machine or fabricate, but very few have the capacity to do both with excellence. Davis is the rare exception to the rule. With decades of hands-on experience in machining and fabricating, we were well prepared for the job — building fifteen railroad arms. From procuring the materials and welding the parts to machining and meticulously testing them, we provided leadership on the project from start to finish.
With genuine attention to detail and quality, our team sourced the materials and fabricated the parts exactly as specified. During the fitting and welding phase, we performed multiple inspection hold points to ensure all facets of production were completed correctly. Our business is driven by precision, so we worked on multiple CNC machines to achieve the tightest tolerances.
Each of the parts were handcrafted and machine made under the guidance and supervision of the Davis family. We utilized a real-time tracking system to provide accountability, progress reports and manage the manufacturing process. The FARO 9' CMM arm allowed us to accurately inspect the components along the way. The parts were forged in hard work, honed to perfection and delivered with pride. We got the job done just like we said we would.


Burn Table, Fitting, Welding, CNC Horizontal Boring Machines
Equipment Used
Plasma Burn Table, Horizontal Milling Machines, Horizontal Boring Machines, FARO 9' CMM Arm, 90 Ton Cranes
In Process Inspection
CMM Dimensional Checks on Multiple Surfaces
8-10 Weeks
Industry for Use